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Divorce can be a complex and difficult matter; we do our best to make it as smooth and amicable a process as possible for our clients.  In addition to filing the necessary court documents and representing you in court, we will advise you on how to handle communications with your spouse, assist you with the paperwork and documents required by the court, advise you on your living arrangements, and counsel you on how to protect your personal finances during the pendency of the case.  If you are in need of spousal support or if you will be required to pay spousal support, this will be one of the first issues we will deal with in your case.

If there are children involved, the best interests of your children will always be the primary concern to us as we handle your case. We will immediately advise you on communication issues (information sharing with the children and with the other parent), time-sharing (custody), and child support issues.

As your case goes forward, we will advise you on the division of family assets (homes, cars, retirement accounts, etc.) and liabilities (debts of the marriage).  If you have a long-term marriage, alimony will also be a matter for us to resolve. Duke Fagan received his undergraduate degree in Accounting. We have the knowledge and skill to handle complex financial issues in divorce.

Our approach to handling family law matters is to do our best to bring them to a resolution without going to trial, that is, to reach an out of court settlement.  We have found that the best way to get your case settled out of court is be prepared to go to court.  Your spouse will be more inclined to settle your case if he or she knows that your lawyer is prepared to try your case.

The above issues are some of the major concerns to be dealt with in a divorce.  We help our clients through them. If we can be of assistance to you, please give us a call for a confidential discussion of your case.

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