How to Survive Your Criminal Case in Florida (part 8 of a 9 part series)


By: Carlton “Duke” Fagan, Esq.
101 Century 21 Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32216
(904) 733-1234 – Telephone



About Choosing a Lawyer


When you are facing criminal charges, it is you against the State of Florida.  The State of Florida has tremendous power and almost unlimited resources which it can and will bring to bare to convict you.  Under our Constitution, the State may take your liberty and your property after convicting you of a crime.  Upon conviction of First Degree Murder, the State may take your life.

Your lawyer and your precious constitutional rights, which were bought and paid for by the blood of your ancestors, are all that stands between you and the loss of your freedom, your property, and perhaps, even your life.  When choosing a lawyer, choose someone in whom you have confidence, someone you want to be standing beside you in a fight, someone you would trust with your freedom.  We suggest you talk face-to-face with the lawyer you are considering to represent you.  Mr. Fagan offers jail visit consultations for a small fee that will count towards your total fee should you decide to retain him to represent you.  Have a friend or family member call our office at (904) 733-1234 to arrange a jail visit consultation.



How to Retain Us to Represent You

The quickest way to retain us to represent you is for you to have a friend or family member call us.  You can also write to us.  Our telephone number and address are at the bottom of this page.  We respond to all letters from inmates.  We welcome unquiries from persons who are facing criminal charges and from their family members.



Courtesy Case Law Service

If you are interested in reading a particular case, and you know the case name and citation, we will provide it to you free of charge upon your written request as long as you do not already have an attorney.  We will mail you one copy of any Florida District Court of Appeal, Florida Supreme Court, United States Supreme Court case, Florida statute, or Federal criminal statute.  Your written request must include your Jail or DOC identifying number, your full name, your complete mailing address and the following statement over your signature:


“I hereby swear or affirm that I have not retained an attorney for my case.”

If you already have an attorney for your case, please contact him or her to request a copy of any case law or statute.  Please note that we do not interfere with previously established attorney/client relationships.

Your request must also include the case name and case citation as we cannot engage in  legal research for you free of charge.

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